EltronX LLC is a company registered in Tbilisi, Georgia, with company registration number 406266730. It is licensed to provide a number of fintech solutions.

The primary business of EltronX is operating a cryptocurrency exchange featuring cutting edge technology for fast and secure transactions.

EltronX is also licensed to issue digital tokens/cryptocurrency and conduct ICO’s.

EltronX successfully deployed the value-driven cryptocurrency Orientum – a Coin designed with a long-term vision in mind through connection with strong and stable businesses in a number of industries. Orientum or ORT has been released for public trading and is currently being traded on select crypto-exchanges, including EltronX.

A sister crypto project is Orientum Plus or ORTP, which is a Digital Token specifically minted for the purpose of tackling the global plastic waste crisis through a contractual agreement with Sepco Industries Co., Ltd. – the proprietor of an innovative and green industrial process for converting waste plastics into high quality fuel.

More cryptocurrency and digital exchange projects are in the works.

Additionally, EltronX offers a range of smart solutions that emphasize usability and convenience.

EltronX is continually seeking to improve its services and general user experience. A high level of importance is placed upon staying at the cutting edge of technology, and especially to employ advanced security features for maximum confidence and stability.

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