Digital Distinct is a Creative Agency registered under Thailand’s Board of Investment for the purpose of producing international standard media and events of all kinds. With highly qualified individuals in a number of artistic disciplines directly employed by the company, Digital Distinct is able to deliver a holistic package of optimum quality materials and services. Additionally, Digital Distinct has extensive experience in hosting a wide range of events ranging from concerts to trade fairs.

Branding, Marketing and Strategizing

The team at Digital Distinct has forged numerous premium branding packages, as well as designed expansive marketing campaigns. From conceptualization to realization, Digital Distinct is fully equipped to deliver work of the highest caliber. All branding and marketing aspects are covered expertly and exhaustively, including creating logos, trademarks, slogans, copywriting content, corporate identity, and more.

Videography, Photography, Graphics and Design

Along with enlisting an impressive corps of topnotch freelance professionals, Digital Distinct excels through having in its fulltime employ, graphic designers, art directors, film makers, script writers, directors, and others. This allows the company to deliver elite standards in creative arts and production of all kinds.

Software Design, Programming and IT

Digital Distinct is also fully equipped to provide a wide range of tailormade software solutions across a number of platforms and applications. Ranging from web design to intricate software coding, Digital Distinct has the resources to deliver a full range of IT services.


Digital Distinct is competitively positioned to organize all forms of events, large or small, while delivering premium quality and maintaining attractive pricing.

In managing concerts, product launches, press conferences, trade fairs, seminars and conferences, CSR events, etc., Digital Distinct is committed to delivering excellence in every way. With a team of seasoned event organizers who have worked in the industry for many decades, both with live events, and in broadcasting of all kinds, clients can be confident of a worry-free experience from start to finish.

The company is able to offer maximum value all-in-one solutions for all sorts of events due to keeping production of most aspects inhouse, such as video presentations, multi-media slideshows, graphic design and signage, jingles, music, etc., etc.  Leaning upon the team’s extensive experience in the industry, sourcing external elements for events such as performances, emcees, special effects, etc. is done with ease, efficiency, expediency and cost-effectiveness.

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