Socium Holding Company Limited is an Investment and Holdings Firm located in Bangkok, Thailand. It was established for the purpose of managing a diverse investment portfolio primarily focused on real estate, hospitality, green energy, and education ventures in Thailand and the region.

Its holdings also include businesses involved in Branding and Marketing, Media Production and Content Creation, Creative Arts, Advertising, IT Development, Event Management, Customer Support, etc.

Socium Holding Company Limited partners with individual and institutional investors through a diverse range of financial instruments, with a substantial part of investment coming from outside Thailand.


Socium Holding Co., Ltd. is committed to discovering and capitalizing on dynamic investment opportunities that are unique, innovative, sustainable, profitable and profoundly beneficial to clients, shareholders, and our world as a whole.

We place great importance on making a meaningful difference to our planet, our partners and the public.

Win-win is our mantra. We are disinterested in engaging in enterprise that does not bring meaningful and substantial benefit to all sides, as well as to the greater community, both regionally and globally, materially and immaterially.



Socium Holding Co., Ltd. was established in 2018 for the purpose of pursuing shared investment objectives through combining value, assets, and human resource networks of a distinguished group of seasoned business professionals and venture capitalists partnering together towards consolidated commercial benefit.

Our founders and shareholders hail from diverse backgrounds both in the corporate and private enterprise worlds. All possess notable achievements in creating and enhancing value in a diverse range of business and investment scenarios. From climbing to the apex of the banking and finance world, spearheading advancements in green energy mega-projects, directing national level and international standard events in diverse locations, forging powerful marketing campaigns for a global audience, to amassing considerable personal fortune through business network expansion and creating real estate empires, each member of the team contributes a unique element to Socium.

In addition, Socium serves as an Investment House focused on secure, prudent and effective fund management. Our wealth management practices are founded upon careful analysis and meticulous attention to market trends, as well as a proactive approach driven by shrewd acumen for predicting future potential and economic trajectories.

Throughout all of our operations, we stringently hold to the highest standards of integrity and transparency.



Well beyond the limitations of businesses directly managed by Socium, we have formed a powerful partnership with a number of international corporations in the form of a consortium of companies through which we are able to leverage business opportunity across a broad range of industries on a global scale. This brings considerable benefits to each member of the consortium through the resources and opportunities brought to the table, and to the Consortium as a whole through the inherent value of such synergetic strength. Through this model, each company operates totally independently, free of collective responsibility or liability, but being able to harness the strength of diverse resources towards shared visions and goals.

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Socium Holding Co., Ltd. is committed to dedicating all its resources towards effective investment management. We welcome partnership with all who share our vision and wish to join in dynamic opportunities which are socially responsible and environmentally friendly.


Socium Holding Company Limited | Company Registration Number 0105561157824